Teacher Training

The Classical Pilates Certification Program at Pure is a 700 hour seminar program with Penelope Wyer Barrow covering the complete authentic method of Pilates training, including matwork, the reformer, the Cadillac, the chairs, the barrels and the Ped-a-pol. This comprehensive classical Pilates training program includes 80+ hours of seminar instruction and will require a total of 700 hours, including observation, instruction, classwork, apprentice meetings and student teaching. In addition to learning the over 500 traditional Pilates exercises, the program will also focus on Pilates based anatomy, exercise modifications for injuries and special needs, and the ability to teach at both the private level and group level. Upon successful completion of the seminars, apprenticing requirements, and all exams, students will receive a Classical Pilates Teacher Certificate through Pure Studios.

Pure also offers a bridge certification program which is available for those students previously fully certified who wish to deepen their Pilates training with a classical certification. Full certification is classified as a 500 or more hour program covering all Pilates equipment.

Course auditing is also available for the serious intermediate to advanced student that wishes to understand the method for their own self advancement.

For more information on any of these programs, please download the full overview, Classical Pilates Teacher Training Program at Pure. 

For any questions on the Pure Teacher Training beginning in February 2015 or to secure a spot, please email us at info@purepilatesasheville.com