TRX Class Descriptions

TRX Movement

Designed to develop your core strength, the emphasis of this class is placed on teaching the foundational exercises to prepare you for more advanced workouts. With this simple, challenging and full body workout, you will build strength and stamina, increase total body mobility and stability, and strengthen your core. The TRX suspension system challenges both your stabilizers and your major muslce groups. This class also may include cardio, flexibility and balance elements. TRX Movement is a fun and invigorating workout that is appropriate for all levels and no prior experience is necessary.

TRX Cardio Insanity

Challenge yourself with the fast-paced workout and combo of TRX and cardio drills. Timed sets will keep your heart rate pumping as you power through the reps at your own pace. This class requires prior TRX experience.

TRX Advanced Performance

Improve your overall performance and take your TRX training to the next level. If you are ready to step up your workouts, TRX Advanced Performance will challenge you to the "core"! This highly intensive conditioning class uses the TRX suspension system along with other props to increase your strength, speed, agility, flexibility and coordination. Train your body to get ready for any race, game or other event with drills that work your body as a whole, making you efficient, strong and balanced. This class requires prior TRX experience at a strong intermediate or advanced level.

TRX Fit Test

This class is designed to track your progress with your TRX strength and stamina. Perform a targeted set of TRX exercises for one minute each. Complete as many reps as you can in that time frame and record your progress on your Fit sheet. This class is offered once a month. All levels are welcome.